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QuicPoll, an Audience Response System, helps presenters create a fun and interactive environment for audience response at forums and conferences.

With QuicPoll, we deliver the full-package service of operating the system, providing the wireless handheld keypads, collecting of live data, displaying of results instantaneously, as well as report generation at the end of your event. We will work with your team on the various types of questions and results display that you desire.

Your PowerPoint presentation can be integrated into our QuicPoll solution to draw real-time audience response with immediate display of results on screen. Presenters obtain real-time responses from their audience to fulfill various objectives such as gauging audience understanding of a topic in the course of a presentation or encouraging the audience to be more engaged. It is also a useful feedback tool for future planning purposes.

QuicPoll is useful for:

  • Interactive conferences, seminars, and exhibitions
  • Classroom training and interactive distance learning
  • Group decision support and strategic planning
  • Focus group research
  • Advertising testing
  • Opinion analysis and political polling
  • TV game shows and special events
  • And more!

Numerous studies confirm that meaningful interaction between a presenter and the audience improves attentiveness, interest, comprehension, and recall. Direct involvement and instant feedback also promote more effective communication. The result is greater effectiveness and productivity – for both the presenter and audience members.

What we offer

  • An easy to use wireless handheld voting system
  • Expert advice and support before, during and after the meeting
  • Onsite operations and technical support during the meeting
  • Customisation of QuicPoll to make it suitable for different types of meetings, conferences, training and workshops

Your Company can

  • Increase the productivity of your meeting
  • Save time as the whole meeting process is sped up
  • Get prompt responses from all voices present as results can be displayed instantly
  • Encourage participation from your audiences
  • Know what your audiences are thinking
  • Gather data needed for analysis and reporting immediately after the meeting
  • Know if the purpose of the meeting is delivered across to the audience effectively

Your Audience can

  • Pose a question or comment via sms
  • Increase knowledge retention through the interactive way of learning
  • Learn and benefit from the meeting in a fun way

Looking for a simple solution?

As part of our QuicPoll services, we also provide another version of the keypad which is suitable for simple multiple choice questions.

If you prefer a budget-friendly and no-frills alternative, contact us to find out more about this!